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    One of the great pleasures of life, in my opinion is eating, in all its forms from fine dining to home cooked food and the multitude of foods from many nations. As a qualified chef of almost 20 years, I have had plenty of experiences with different foods from around the world. Some healthy, some not so much. But either way Goji berries, Macca root, Chia seeds, Cacao, Spiralina and Quinoa and other currently in vogue super foods where not high on the list of foods required for good health. I have nothing against any of these super foods, and have tried most, however I feel they only play a small role in the scheme of things. You can eat all the super foods you want, but they are not going to help if your basic diet is deep dish pizza and deep fried chicken wings washed down with a six pack several nights a week. One reason Australia is now the fattest nation per capita on the planet (even above the USA) has a lot to do with the change in our food and eating habits in the last 30 years. Many of our parents and grandparents are living longer and are often healthier than their younger counterparts. I believe this is due to that generation didn't have fast food restaurants on every street corner, convenience foods where unheard of and fruits and vegetables where grown in soil, not in soil and pesticides., and they where ripened by the sun not by artificial means. The constant and clever marketing of the food and junk food industry has blurred the lines on what is and what is not good for us.



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